Wright Robotics

Wright Gatekeeper

Autonomous Temperature Screener

Contactless & Automated Infrared Temperature Measurement

Crowd & Group Screening of up to 8 People at Once

Rapid Temperature Detection in Under a Second

An AI-enhanced infrared, large-scale, temperature screening and monitoring system for rapid detection of high temperature. Ideal for screening crowded places such as sports arenas, transportation hubs, to grocery stores and office buildings.



We operate smart robots for people. Currently we build and operate an open end-to-end cloud robot system, and offer it as a service to the world. Our pioneering world-class architecture connects robots and smart devices over a secure network to Cloud AI. Our platform is an ever evolving “cloud brain” capable of operating millions of cloud AI robots performing different tasks simultaneously, bringing a vibrant cloud ecosystem of next generation robotics and smart devices to many industry value chains.

Builder & Operator of Cloud Robots

End-to-End Robotics Architecture

Providing Contactless Robotics Service Solutions




Our leading core technology helps our cloud robots to be faster, smarter, and more reliable.