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The world is entering a new era where intelligent robotics and automation will become increasingly prevalent and needed in all business sectors including warehouses, hotels, healthcare, retail, households and more. The continued growth and demand for robotics is due to increased labor costs, lack of skilled workers, aging population and the drive for continuous productivity enhancements.

The arrival of the COVID-19 Pandemic has sent shock waves through every sector of national economies. In response to this historic challenge, each sector is making adjustments going forward. We believe the market opportunities for robotics are even greater in the “new normal” with hyper accelerated projected growth. New solutions are needed to adapt with the new normal with regards to automation, contactless operations, social distancing, sanitation and more.

We have built and operate an open end-to-end cloud robot system and offer it as a service to the world. We are one of the few players that offer an end-to-end cloud robot system in the global robotics industry and are the very first to commercialize related products and services. Our pioneering and world-class architecture, consisting of a "cloud brain", a "nerve network" and robot controllers, can operate a massive number of intelligent and secure robots simultaneously.

Our cloud robot system leads the evolution of the robotics industry towards an intelligent robot system. The highly scalable operating platform powered by the "cloud brain," the secure and reliable connection offered by the nerve network, and the standardized interface of our robot controllers together, form an ecosystem with scalability potentials and capability of integrating our products and services with all relevant players in the robotics industry. Moreover, our end-to-end cloud robot system opens numerous applications and tremendous monetization opportunities.

Innovation is the key to our success as we are at forefront of robotics and automation technology as well as artificial intelligence with human augmentation. We actively protect our research and development results through intellectual properties.